Fight or Flight: How Stress Affects People with Diabetes

Patients with diabetes know they have a lot to monitor in their everyday life. From their blood glucose levels and diet to how much they exercise and the diabetes treatment a Las Vegas doctor might recommend to them. Recent research has shown that there is yet another factor that diabetes patients need to monitor: their stress levels.

Cortisol: the Stress Hormone that Wrecks Havoc With Diabetes Patients

When the human body is stressed it goes into what is known as the fight or flight response. A variety of hormones are released, including epinephrine and cortisol. The hormones provide the body with the energy it needs to run away or fight the attacker.

This is a great response if someone is being chased or they need to save someone from a burning building. However, that is rarely the case. Most of the stress humans face today is chronic and people often don’t get the opportunity to run away or fight.

When that happens, the cortisol stays in the body and can interfere with insulin production and resistance – the very things that lead to Type II diabetes.

3 Ways to Reduce Stress Every Day

Besides complying with their physician’s recommended diabetes treatment, Las Vegas diabetes patients should try to reduce their stress in the following ways.

  1. Exercise

Exercise isn’t just for weight loss; it’s one of the best ways to help burn off the cortisol built up when stress has been encountered. Daily exercise for at least 30 minutes a day is best.

  1. Meditation

Meditation has been shown to help relax even the most wound up people. It will take some practice as the mind does tend to wander a bit at first. After a while, though, the mind and body will get use to the practice and relaxation will begin to take place. People should try for 20 minutes at least once a day. Meditation at night will help relax the mind and body for sleep, while meditation in the morning will help to healthfully energize the mind and body for the day ahead.

  1. Adequate Sleep

Not getting enough sleep just adds to an already stressful life. The latest studies have been showing that 7 hours is the ideal amount of time to sleep each night. For people whose lives are crazy and hectic, getting the proper amount of sleep might not be achievable. But, in order to prevent disease it’s vital to devote enough time to get enough sleep.

Protection from Diabetes: Eat Right, Exercise and Reduce Stress

Stress is one of the main contributing factors in a lot of diseases, from including diabetes. For patients who already have diabetes, it is imperative to control their stress and cortisol levels in order to control their diabetes. This is especially important in ensuring the effectiveness of diabetes treatment. Las Vegas residents—whether they have diabetes or not—do well to do all they can to reduce stress. Doing so will not only reduce their risk of diabetes; it will improve their overall health and happiness.


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