Many people suffer from some kind of back pain in their lives – whether chronic or acute. Chronic back pain does not only negatively influence an individual’s life and force them to deal with pain every day, it also impacts their relationships with their friends, family, their children, and their spouse. Managing pain is therefore not only for their benefit or relief, but can also ease relationships. Daily activities can certainly cause chronic back pain, and although many people don’t notice it immediately like they would with an injury, chronic back pain can develop over time. Here are some factors that demonstrate how lifestyle can contribute to chronic back pain.

1. Not Exercising Enough
Most people know that exercise is good for overall health, but exercise is also important for the health of the spine. the muscles that support the lumbar spine require daily exercise in order to function well. Weak muscles don’t provide the spine with the support it needs, resulting in the vertebrae taking on extra stress. A sedentary lifestyle can cause a stiff lower back, and this results in a never ending cycle. A stiff back causes tight muscles restricts exercise and can make the problem worse.
Strengthening the core muscles which support the spine can solve this problem.

2. Active Lifestyles
Another factor linking back pain and lifestyle is an active lifestyle. Similar to those who suffer from chronic back pain because of inactive lifestyles, many people also suffer from back pain despite very active lifestyles. Continuous exercise does not necessarily equal a pain-free life. With all exercises, prioritizing the health and safety of the spine is critical. Consistently incorrect exercise can result in injury and lower back pain. During exercise, caution should be taken concerning proper form and posture. A protected spine can increase one’s ability to move, power and endurance, which in turn results in increased enjoyment and better performance when active.

3. Back Pain and Stress
Stress can physically affect the spine. A constantly stressed and not relaxed individual can become chronically tense. The muscles supporting the spine tighten up, restricting the person’s mobility, which makes the issue even worse. Time should be taken to distress, giving the body time to recover.

4. Diet
Eating an excessive amount of junk food can cause weight gain. The spine, feet, knees, and hips become strained by the extra weight, which in turn can cause pinched nerves, lumbar imbalance, and joint pain. It is therefore important for an individual to keep their weight in check, and make sure they are eating a balanced diet with nutrients that are good for the health of the spine, such as calcium and vitamin D.

Daily life can cause an individual to pick up some bad habits. It is important to keep in mind that chronic back pain and lifestyle are closely related; however, the good news is that many poor habits can be reversed and the health of the spine can be improved with a few lifestyle adjustments. Pain management in Las Vegas does not have to be invasive.

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