Blood Work in Las Vegas—4 Tests All Patients Should Have Regularly

No one likes getting blood drawn. It can, at times, be a painful experience. Furthermore, some people have weak stomachs and can’t stand the sight of blood. When their blood is drawn they might get queasy, or even be in danger of passing out.
Still, blood work in Las Vegas is an essential part of preventative and diagnostic care. Here are 4 tests everyone should get sooner rather than later.
Blood Work in Las Vegas—4 Tests Patients Should Have
The following tests are vital in determining the health and wellbeing of a patient and their physiology. Regular testing can help a patient prevent disease, as well as reduce the likelihood that a current disease could get worse.
1. A Complete Blood Count – This test shows the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. It is a great way for doctors to check for anemia, infection, and even cancer.
2. Hemoglobin A1C – This is the blood sugar test, used to diagnose diabetes. Anyone with a family history of diabetes, who is overweight, or who has any of the symptoms of diabetes should get this test.
3. Lipid Profile – The results of this test show the blood cholesterol levels, both the good (HDL) and the bad (LDL) cholesterols. From this test, a doctor can determine whether someone is at risk of a heart attack.
4. Thyroid Testing – Stress, bad sleep patterns can do damage to the thyroid. Low thyroid levels can lead to fatigue and weight gain, while high thyroid can cause shakiness and difficulty sleeping. Based on the results of this test, a doctor may recommend thyroid medication.
Why Even Healthy Patients Should Get Regular Blood Tests
Even the healthiest person on the planet should get regular blood work done. There are a number of reasons for this:
• Family History – If a patient has immediate relatives who have diseases like diabetes, thyroid issues or heart disease, regular blood testing should be done. Doing so can help them get a diagnosis early and help by encouraging the patient to continue their healthy course of life.
• All Patients Are Individuals – Biochemistry and physiology vary from one person to another. Trying to follow a diet and exercise program deemed the “healthiest” by even a majority of people in the world doesn’t guarantee that it will be right for every single person.
• Regular Testing Shows Progression – It is interesting to say the least to see how a person’s health progresses from year to year. Everyone’s body changes with time. Patients who get tested often get to see those changes firsthand and are in a better position to catch negative changes early.
Blood Work in Las Vegas—A Tool to Keep Patients Healthy
Getting regular blood tests can do much in the way of the treatment and prevention of disease. In fact, there are many people who have been unaware that there was even a problem before a blood test was taken. For anyone concerned with achieving the best possible health, regular blood tests are a must.

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