Pain Management in Las Vegas—4 Conditions That Cause Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is more common than ever before. There are a number of conditions that contribute to regular pain, but not every patient is able to get a diagnosis. In fact, there are an estimated 40-50 million people in the US alone who deal with chronic pain but can’t get a definitive diagnosis.
For anyone experiencing pain on a regular basis, getting diagnosis is a relief. Having an idea of what is going on inside one’s body can give a person insight into what causes more pain and how to treat pain.
Pain Management in Las Vegas—4 Common Causes of Chronic Pain
People who have yet to be diagnosed should be aware of some of the most common causes of regular pain. Figuring out a cause can result in pain management in Las Vegas.
• Lower back pain – Back pain can be seriously debilitating. Muscles can spasm with such severity that the patient can end up flat on their back for days at a time. Causes of lower back pain vary, from an injury sustained in an accident to degenerating disc disease. A doctor can work in harmony with a chiropractor, physical therapist, and massage therapist to come up with a treatment plan to make the pain manageable.
• Fibromyalgia – As of yet, there is no known cause or cure for fibromyalgia. This is a condition in which there is muscle pain throughout the body. Pain is felt nearly all day, every day. The doctor may prescribe antidepressants and opioid medications but would monitor the patient closely for liver damage and addiction.
• Nerve Damage – Also known as neuropathy, this can be one of the most painful of all chronic pain conditions. Nerve damage can occur for a variety of reasons, including accident or a side effect of certain surgeries. Patients that have had jaw surgery, for example, can experience neuropathy. Somehow during surgery, the nerves were damaged. Some people with nerve damage experience chronic numbness, while others experience chronic pain. In these cases, pain management might include antidepressants, therapy and meditation practices because of the psychological toll this type of pain can take.
• Arthritis – Any kind of arthritis can be painful, particularly rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. More medications are now available that are specifically for certain types of arthritis. Patients who try these medications are finally able to get some chronic pain relief.
Pain Management in Las Vegas—the Ultimate Goal
Of course, the ultimate goal of anyone in pain is learning how to manage their pain. Therefore, it is vital that patients avoid trying to deal with pain on their own. Daily pain is something that their primary care physician should know about.
Their doctor can not only help them by diagnosing the disease or condition, but by offering a solution. In some situations, patients can significantly reduce pain with medications, homeopathic remedies, biofeedback techniques, exercise, and even meditation.
Working in harmony with one’s doctor and a pain management team is the best way for a patient to find any sort of chronic pain relief.
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