What is the Practice of Endocrinology in Las Vegas?

Many people have heard of endocrinology, but have no idea what it actually is. In short, endocrinology is the study of the hormonal system. The thyroid, thymus, pituitary, and adrenal glands make up a big part of this system overall. In addition to these essential glands that control hormones, the reproductive system is also considered part of the endocrine system. Ovaries in women and testes in men are responsible for producing many of the hormones that regulate the human body. When people are experiencing problems with their hormones, they will need to see an endocrinologist.


What Does an Endocrinologist Do?


When a patient makes an appointment at a facility that offers endocrinology in Las Vegas, they may be wondering what’s going to happen. These doctors are going to run tests to find out the hormonal levels in a patient’s body by drawing their blood and sending it to the laboratory. By running a patient’s blood through specific lab tests, doctors can see what levels of hormones are present. If certain hormones are too low or too high, medicine can be prescribed to help a patient regulate their body. It’s important for someone to have regulated hormone levels because they will start to feel differently if they are off for too long. Some people can experience extreme fatigue, some people experience irritability, and other people experience depression. It just depends on which gland is not producing hormones properly.


When a patient is at a facility that focuses on endocrinology in Las Vegas, they are also going to speak with the doctor extensively. There are many symptoms of certain hormonal conditions that can be determined by the way a patient is feeling or acting. By discussing these things with a patient, the doctor can get a better idea of what type of problem a patient is dealing with. The endocrinologist is also going to ask about familial history with certain conditions. If a patient’s parent has suffered from hyperthyroidism in the past, then there’s a good chance their child is going to as well.


Being Treated By an Endocrinologist


After the problem has been discovered and diagnosed, a treatment regimen will begin. Depending on the severity of the condition, treatments may be intense or very light. For example, a patient’s gland is producing too much of a certain hormone, then medication can be prescribed to combat this issue. However, if a patient’s gland is not producing hormones at all, then a more drastic measure may need to be taken. In some cases, certain glands can be transplanted to ensure the patient can continue living a normal lifestyle. Pancreatic transplants are not so common, but they do happen from time to time. The endocrinologist will discuss these things with their patient to figure out if there’s anything else that can be done before suggesting surgery. In most cases, surgery is a last resort option that won’t be considered unless absolutely necessary.


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