What to Expect from a Visit to the Ob-Gyn in Las Vegas

What to Expect from a Visit to the Ob-Gyn in Las Vegas

Going to a gynecologist is a rite of passage for women. It is a very personal, intimate interaction that can be made more comfortable by being prepared for what to expect. Even if someone has been to one before, these annual visits can become every other year or more often, depending on the person.  Visiting an ob-gyn in Las Vegas can be kept up easier when armed with what to expect.


The difference between and ob and a gyn

An obstetrician deals with women’s health needs during pregnancy, up to the child’s birth and shortly beyond. A gynecologist is trained in women’s reproductive health and care from their coming of age through end of life. Because pregnancy and childbirth are intertwined, the ob-gyn is an expert in both and the same person will handle the care of a woman for each.


Taking the time to find the right one

The issues a woman will discuss and be examined for with an ob-gyn in Las Vegas are highly intimate and personal. It’s a reason that finding the right one with whom to be comfortable is vital. How the doctor makes the patient feel matters more than whom they are.


Initial consultation and conversation

Before even submitting to an examination, meeting with a potential doctor to discuss their care is not only acceptable, but expected. It will be the only way to gauge their personality prior to going on the examining table for the first time. Women are encouraged to make a list of any questions, concerns and the like they may have as they enter into this new relationship in order to make the most of this interview time together.


As an aside, the doctor will also be considering the patient and whether they are a good fit for their practice. This is a one-on-one relationship based on mutual trust. Each one of the parties needs to feel comfortable and also that they will be able to speak openly and honestly with each other.


The first time and each time after

The general consensus about when a girl should visit an ob-gyn for the first time is when they are between 13-15 years old. If they become sexually active before then, that’s when they should start to see this doctor or if they are developing earlier or later, that, too, may pose a factor. This first visit and the timing of it may also be dictated by the comfort level and desire of the girl’s parents. Regardless, the first time will most likely not be an examination, but a conversation, even if the ob-gyn is the mother’s doctor, or someone close to the girl. As mentioned, the relationship that is being built here is between them and it’s important both parties feel comfortable.


Once that connection is made, the exam becomes an annual meeting that includes pap tests, examination of the vaginal area, and, as patients get older, mammograms. There will be a lot of dialogue about sexual activity, menstruation and more in order for the doctor to be able to address any changes, issues and concerns.



The intimacy of this relationship can’t be impressed upon enough, so building one with a doctor that is easy to talk to is important. There is a great deal that happens to a woman’s body over the course of years that are normal and unique. They should always feel at ease when sharing any changes in their body with the doctor.


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