Taking Control of Diabetes in Las Vegas

Diabetes cases are decreasing in the United States and the world according to a recent report by the World Health Organization. The organization highlights the educational efforts of government officials and concerned citizens as the primary reason for better numbers. Such news is an accomplishment for the nation, but definitely not a victory for those battling the illness. For these individuals, managing diabetes is challenging yet necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Here, then, are a few tips for controlling diabetes.

Take the Illness Seriously
Some people view diabetes as an illness that is not life-threatening due to its minimal effects on a person in comparison to cancer and AIDS. The disease, however, can be considered just as bad as or even worse than these illnesses due to its ability to silently wreak havoc on organs. An individual is prone to go blind as a result of complications associated with diabetes, and amputation is not uncommon for those who fail to take control of glucose levels. In truth, diabetes is known as a “silent killer” and should be treated as such.

Get Educated
Having full knowledge of diabetes’ ability to shorten a person’s life span, it is important for those battling with the disease to be informed. Learning which food choices contribute to high blood sugar and which ones decrease levels will help the diabetic make well-informed decisions concerning nutrition. It is also important to learn the tell-tale signs of high glucose that the body gives off so action can be taken sooner rather than later to lower levels.

Eat Well
As a rule of thumb, it is best for diabetics to stay away from foods with high amounts of sugar. Fructose corn syrup should also be avoided as its effects are worse than granulated sugar.

Although starch is essential to the body’s operation, the diabetic should be careful not to consume high levels of the substance. This often means choosing brown rice instead of white and eating minimal amounts of potatoes.

Chocolate is another guilty pleasure that should be reconsidered. Those who consume the treat should choose dark chocolate over milk and white chocolate.

All in all, a diabetic’s diet should consist of vegetables, fruit and small portions of meat. Meals should be spread out in small amounts throughout the day so as not to overindulge. It is best to eat dinner before seven o’clock at night. Midnight snacks, regardless of how healthy they are, should be avoided at all costs.

Get Active
No matter how spectacular a person’s diet may be, it does not take the place of a good workout routine. Getting at least thirty minutes of cardio in per day strengthens the heart and keeps one’s weight under control. Strength training is also a good option for diabetics as it builds muscle and contributes to overall wellness.

Get Tested Often
Lab work is the best way to battle diabetes in Las Vegas. In particular, the A1C test can give the percentage of blood sugar found in an individual’s body so that they can work towards improved health.

Taking control is key to living with diabetes in Las Vegas. Staying informed and being proactive will contribute to the quality of life for those battling with the illness.
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