Infant Symptoms That Do Not Require a Pediatric Visit in Las Vegas

Every first-time parent has done it. They hear the baby’s cry, determine that it sounds a little on the weak side and immediately make an appointment with the pediatrician. Some parents take things a step further by taking their newborn child to the emergency room upon hearing the faintest cough. While there are instances where an infant should be cared for by a physician, every cough and cry does not always warrant a visit to the doctor. Here are a few instances in which professional medical care is not needed.

Excessive Crying
Newborns have a tendency to cry a lot. Many times, a baby will shed tears even if there is nothing wrong. Parents should take note of excessive crying but also consider the act as a growing stage in their child’s life. Ensuring that a baby is fed, clean and well-rested does much to keep the little one at peace.

Sudden Coughing
Before deeming their child’s sudden cough as the beginning of a virus, parents should consider two things. First, the newborn is learning how to swallow. It is very possible that she took in a bigger gulp than she could handle and, as a result, is now coughing. Perhaps she drank too much milk and is coughing to clear air passageways.

Sleepy Days and Nights
Much of what newborns do revolves around their sleep schedule. It is quite normal for an infant to fall asleep three and four times throughout the day. Parents should, however, make sure that such lethargy is not extreme to the point of the little one failing to wake for feedings.

Apparent Respiratory Distress
Newborns are learning the way that their bodies operate and, hence, may have difficulty breathing from time to time. There is no need for a pediatric visit in Las Vegas so long as infants do not begin breathing fast and grunting. Any infant who experiences discoloration as the result of varied breathing patterns should be taken to the emergency room.

Muscle Weakness
Labor and delivery involves the mother and child. It is not uncommon for newborns to experience muscle weakness that causes their face and shoulders to be a bit lower on one side. Parents should not be alarmed, because muscle strength should return a few weeks after birthing. Pediatricians can always instruct moms and dads on ways to hold their newborn to foster healing sooner.

Baby Is Blue
Sometimes a newborn’s hands and feet will turn blue when he is cold. Such change in color does not mean that there is poor blood circulation but rather that the little one’s body temperature is lower than normal. In these instances, placing a blanket over the chilled newborn should make bring the pinkish color back. While temporary blueness is not a cause for concern, infants whose color does not return should be taken to the emergency room. Any sort of blueness in the face should be taken seriously as such change in color could be life-threatening.
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