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The numbers are in and individuals are making more trips to the doctor. Fifty nine percent of physicians reported seeing more patients in 2014. Sixty nine percent of nurses also noticed an influx in appointments. As the numbers continue to rise, one thing remains true: health care is best when given by family practice in Las Vegas. Here is why independent physicians are able to better cater for their patients.

Small Offices Allow for More Individualized Time
Patients are not one among millions in family practices. This essentially means that every person has the opportunity to share their concerns with the doctor without fear of going over their allotted fifteen minutes. Such intimacy is key during annual physical examinations as patients usually take that time to express concerns about varying nutritional habits and energy levels. It is difficult to ask for a physician’s advice as he is heading out the door to examine the next patient. Family practices understand the importance of personalized time, which is why support staff schedule patients in a manner that allows doctors to answer questions.

Fewer Staff Means Fewer Opportunities for Error
Returning for more blood work because the first sample was lost in the shuffle is practically unheard of at small medical offices. Staffs are usually so passionate about their line of work that they ensure that the details pertaining to every patient are solid. Phlebotomists make sure that the blood samples go out to the lab in the morning, and the medical receptionist will follow up on the order. A nurse or the physician will contact the patient within days to discuss the lab results and further actions. In a small primary care practice, doctors, nurses, other caregivers and staff work together to provide a seamless healthcare experience for their patients. Just as the healthcare team gels in these small offices, so too, does the relationship that each member of the team has with the patients. Everyone in the small office is focused on and invested in the wellness of each patient.

Establishing Contact during a Crisis Is a Breeze
In most cases, a physician at a family practice is only a phone call away. He is typically willing to abandon what he is doing to attend to the patient’s emergency upon getting wind of the crisis. Understanding the patient’s perspective is at the helm of family practice. Such is the reason why independent physicians and their staff are eager to lend a helping hand in times of need.

Find a Family Practice in Las Vegas
It is always advised that individuals research a doctor’s credibility before entrusting him with the task of caring for the family. Asking patients presently treated by potential physicians is the best way to gage whether or not he or she is the right fit. It is also a good idea to pose direct questions to the potential caregiver to ensure fair judgment. The opinions of others, coupled with personal analysis, will rule out least desirable candidates and shine light on the most qualified physician.

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