Take Control with Pain Management in Las Vegas

Many people believe that aches and pains are a part of everyday life. Whether agony is the result of arthritis or an old injury, the masses think that such torture will never leave them. There is, however, a remedy for discomfort. A select group of physicians focus on chronic pain and provide ways to effectively carry out pain management in Las Vegas.

About Pain Management
Pain management is a branch of medicine that encourages patients to take steps to relieve chronic pain. Pharmacists, medical practitioners and occupational therapists are three among many professionals classified as workers in the field. Clinical psychologists and physiotherapists are also included in the group of pain management specialists.

The Medical Approach
Pharmacists and medical practitioners usually take the clinical approach when dealing with pain. Professionals determine the source of pain and attack the illness head-on with a series of medications and lab treatments. Personal physicians who go the route of conventional treatment often rely on pharmacists to fill prescriptions for mild to moderate pain. Such medication can be taken at home and do not require the presence of a medical expert.

In instances of severe pain, doctors may require a patient to visit a health facility where high doses of pain medications such as morphine and opiates are administered directly to the pain site during outpatient surgical procedures and injections.

The Physical Approach
Acupuncture and therapeutic exercise are often used to in the field of pain management. Acupuncture seeks to restore the energy balance in the body by adding more pain to the body. Needles are placed in specific points with the goal of relieving pain from the tender area.

Another approach viewed as unconventional is electrotherapy. The idea of sending electric waves through the body to relieve aches seems absurd to some, but it is an incredible way to bring about peace in the instance of pain.

The Psychological Approach
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a method of pain management that addresses the relationship that chronic aches have on a person’s emotional wellbeing. The form of treatment seeks to help patients take control of their thoughts and actions during moments of severe pain in an effort to reduce or manage the pain. While not used as a primary method of treatment by medical doctors, psychologists often use the approach when counseling patients who use pharmaceutical treatments in conjunction with the psychological approach to pain management.

Another psychological method of treatment is hypnosis. Many have written this form of pain management off as nonsense, but a recent study shows that hypnosis is actually an effective way to deal with everyday aches. In the study, individuals were examined before and after hypnosis. While not all participants reported decreases in pain, a significant number of patients told researchers that they felt better after being hypnotized.

It could be that hypnosis causes the muscles to relax, which brings about better pain management in Las Vegas. Relief could also be the result of a mental state of being where pain ceases so long as it is not the focus of the patient. In such instances, the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” could apply.

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