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Many women have heard the term, “OB/GYN,” but few visit such physician on a regular basis. For the majority of women, an OB-GYN does not come into play until there is something wrong: it is then that patients partially discover the duties of these specialized doctors. So what is an OB-GYN, and how can women benefit from seeing this type of physician regularly?

What Is an OB-GYN?
An OB-GYN is a gynecologist. Such a doctor specializes in the reproductive health of women. While it is true that family physicians touch on reproduction during annual physical examinations, they do not go into depth about matters such as contraceptives and menstrual cycles in the same manner that gynecologists explore the subjects.

How Do They Contribute to Women’s Health?
OB-GYN professionals greatly impact a woman’s general health. Even patients not planning on having children in the near future can benefit from a visit to this sort of specialized doctor because of the knowledge that an OB-GYN possess. Not only does the doctor care for a woman during pregnancy, but she also informs patients when things within the reproductive system are not in proper working order. Some OB-GYN physicians have discovered abnormalities that have been cancerous in women. Treatment was administered to kill the unwanted cells because abnormalities were caught in time. An OB-GYN is not a doctor to visit only when women want to have a child. The physician is someone who should be sought often to ensure proper body functioning.

When Would a Woman Need to Be Examined by an OB-GYN Immediately?
Women hoping to get pregnant soon should seek the assistance of an OB/GYN in Las Vegas or any other part of the United States as soon as possible. While it is sometimes true that a pregnancy comes when one least expects it, there are instances of infertility that sometimes delay pregnancy. An OB-GYN can examine and inform women if they will have difficulty conceiving before they begin to plan their families.

Another instance where a visit to the gynecologist is warranted is when women notice irregularities in menstrual cycles. While such abnormalities could easily be a result of stress, there have been cases where missed or heavy periods have been implications of something bigger. An OB/GYN in Las Vegas can help women determine what the problem may be.

What Should Women Look for When Searching for the Right OB-GYN?
A visit to the gynecologist usually involves a pelvic exam, pap smear test and vaginal analysis. It is, therefore, important for women to be comfortable with their doctor so as to avoid any form of awkwardness. Engaging in general conversation with an OB-GYN is the best way to determine if she is the right fit.

Asking about professional experience is also important as patients want to ensure that the selected gynecologist is an expert in the field. Questions that pertain to years in the field are key as they ensure knowledge in the industry. It is also a good idea to look into OB-GYNs who have published journals in recent years. Such publications tell the general public that the doctor is an innovator in the field.

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