Managing and Living with Diabetes

Receiving a diagnosis of diabetes may be terrifying, especially since there’s no cure, but it doesn’t necessarily have to detract from one’s quality of life. By prioritizing one’s health and sticking to an active, nutritious, and rewarding lifestyle, diabetes symptoms can abate. Those in Las Vegas can always contact a doctor who specializes in diabetes care if they feel like they need some pointers. Here’s how to manage and live with diabetes.

Blood sugar levels are an important part of tracking one’s diabetes. Never skip monitoring these. Although checking once daily can be sufficient in some cases, that’s not always true. The person should ask their doctor how many times a day they should check their blood sugar. Upon first receiving the diagnosis, it may be best to check a few times just to be on the safe side.

Chances are, a person will have been prescribed some medication from their doctor to keep their diabetes under control. It’s important to always stick to the dosage recommended unless the doctor advises otherwise. On bad days, don’t take more than recommended. On good days, don’t skip the medication. Take it every single day at the same time. Consider using an app or setting a clock to remind oneself to take the pills until it becomes habit.

Exercise as often as possible. Physical activity doesn’t necessarily have to be a strenuous workout. Walking, jogging, playing sports, yoga, swimming, hiking, and similar activities all count. When possible, get outside. It’s okay to skip physical activity on some days, especially when sick or when symptoms are especially bad. Don’t push oneself to exercise in those situations.

Start refining one’s diet. Eating nutritiously is not only smart for maintaining a healthy weight, but it also helps a person manage their blood sugar levels. Cut out consumption of unhealthy beverages like alcohol, soda, and even sugary juice. Choose water when possible. Cut back on sugar and foods high in sodium. Instead, eat low-fat dairy, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and fiber-heavy foods like pasta, rice, and cereal.

Although one will be nervous about managing their diabetes at first, it’s important not to worry too much. Excessive worrying will only increase blood sugar levels. Learn ways to manage stress, like exercising, meditating, reading, getting outside, or engaging in a hobby. Those who feel like they need some extra help managing their diabetes shouldn’t hesitate to contact a Las Vegas doctor today by phone or email.

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