When to Call for Pediatric Care in Las Vegas

New parents will always want to keep their kids in a bubble, free of dirt, grime, germs, and injury. However, life isn’t like that, and from the day a baby is born to their first time in preschool and beyond, they’re at risk of injury and illness. At the first sign of trouble for a baby, toddler, or young child, don’t just call any old doctor. Pediatricians are experts in infant and child care. They understand the various medical conditions that kids experience at a young age and can recommend a helpful treatment. Those in Las Vegas should know when it’s time for their kids to receive pediatric care.

Skin rashes can be scary, especially if a toddler was fine before the parents dropped them off for daycare but they come back with red, itchy, splotchy, bumpy skin. While yes, the Internet can help a parent get an idea of what that rash may be, it’s best not to risk it. A pediatrician can quickly look at the toddler’s skin, diagnose the rash, and then prescribe a cream or even a pill to reduce discomfort and other symptoms.

While most adults don’t think twice about a headache, kids aren’t under the same sort of stress, so a throbbing temple should be taken a little more seriously. If the child is also throwing up or their temperature has spiked and they may have a fever, this is even more of a reason to contact a pediatrician stat. Some pediatric doctors in Las Vegas may have emergency hours so that no matter the time that a parent notices their kid is sick, the child can receive the medical care they need.

If a baby or toddler seems like they can’t swallow, make sure to keep an eye on this. Maybe they’re allergic to something and their throat is constricting. They may have tried to swallow something and it’s still stuck there. Obviously, this is a very dangerous situation and one that requires immediate medical attention to prevent any kind of deadly choking.

Although kids can be finicky eaters, they should still have an interest in consuming their favorite foods. However, if a child has stopped eating or is barely eating, and if they are urinating less and have a fever, it’s time to see a pediatrician. This can sometimes be a sign of an illness like a flu or it could be a more serious matter.  Don’t wait; call today.

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