Sweet Dreams: When to Go to a Sleep Center in Las Vegas

It’s no secret that sleep is imperative to one’s health. Without the regular six to eight hours a night, a person gets fatigued, which turns into extreme exhaustion. They can’t work, they can’t enjoy their life, and in short, they can’t function. They become a danger to everyone when they’re on the road or using heavy machinery. That said, sleeplessness affects everyone from time to time, and it’s estimated that out of three people, at least one experiences some form of insomnia. Just how can they get a better night’s sleep?

Although it seems obvious, try setting a schedule every night. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time, even on weekends. If one can’t sleep throughout the night, at least try to go to bed at that time. Don’t take naps, as tempting as it may be, as that can ruin a person’s new sleep schedule.

Consider investing in new pillows and a new mattress. Flat, shapeless pillows and a mattress that is old, has springs poking up, or is sagging will prevent almost anyone from sleeping well and feeling rested. Don’t stop there though. Make the bedroom a haven to sleep by keeping the temperatures cool, at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Block all outside light. Never use laptops, smartphones, tablets, or watch TV at least an hour or two before bed. White noise and blackout curtains can also help a person fall asleep.

While exercise can be good in draining one’s energy, don’t work out and try to sleep. Watch one’s diet, avoiding big meals a few hours before bed. Pass on the cigarettes and alcohol before sleeping too. Instead, try soothing activities like sipping tea, reading, bathing, or meditating. If a person finds that these methods aren’t helping them fall asleep or stay asleep, they should consider going to a sleep center in Las Vegas. They should plan for an overnight stay, where they will be monitored and tested. After a night at the sleep center, a doctor will draw up a report that the patient can bring to their primary physician.

This report may detail how many consecutive hours the patient slept, if they achieved REM sleep, how much they tossed and turned, and other related information. A patient’s primary doctor may suggest more lifestyle tweaks so that a patient can fall asleep and stay asleep at night. In some cases, medication may also be recommended. To learn more or enroll in a sleep center study today, call or email.  

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