Receiving Treatment for Osteoporosis with Endocrinology Services in Las Vegas

Osteoporosis is a medical condition typically associated with those with menopause, but men can also be affected. Bones, when in their normal state, filter out old bone in place of stronger bone. However, when a person has osteoporosis, this process slows down so their old bones weaken to the point where a patient is at a high risk of injury from every day activities, and even the slightest bump or fall could be catastrophic.

Although age is a key factor, not all older people will get osteoporosis. Depending on the amount of bone mass that a person develops when they’re younger (bone mass can accumulate as a person grows through their 20s), they may or may not get osteoporosis later in life. Obviously, the more bone mass, the stronger that one’s bones will be overall. More women get this condition than men, and Asian women and white women are most likely to develop osteoporosis.

Many older people have osteoporosis and don’t even notice it until they get hurt and their injuries are more severe than usual. Symptoms are not very obvious and may not manifest at all. If a patient has noticed that it’s harder to stand and sit up straight or they’re shrinking in terms of height quickly, these may be symptoms of osteoporosis, but not in all cases. That makes this medical condition tougher to catch early.

There are plenty of risk factors that put someone at a higher chance of developing osteoporosis. Smoking and using tobacco as well as drinking a lot could cause this medical condition, as can a lack of exercise. Those who are on medication for certain cancers, gastric reflux, and seizures should speak to their doctor. If a person has had a gastrointestinal procedure, anorexia, or they don’t get enough calcium, they could get osteoporosis. Similarly, those with adrenal gland and parathyroid gland problems, thyroid gland issues, and sex hormone changes are at risk.

Those who want to receive treatment for their osteoporosis should visit an endocrinologist in Las Vegas. These trained professionals are experts in diseases and medical conditions affected by hormone levels. They may request a urine test to check for calcium levels in the body. If a patient may have a bone fracture, the endocrinologist will recommend an x-ray or a similar test to be sure. Estrogen therapy, although used less commonly, may be prescribed as a treatment. Vitamin D can also be effective. To learn more about endocrinologists in Las Vegas, call today.

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