The Benefits of Blood Work in Las Vegas

It comes up sometimes during doctor’s appointments: a patient should get blood work. However, who has time? Although they intend to, they get busy, their schedule never lets up, and soon they forget that they were ever supposed to get their blood tested in the first place. It’s finally time to prioritize getting blood work from a doctor’s office in Las Vegas. This can be very beneficial for one’s overall health and potentially detect early signs of some deadly diseases.

A white blood cell count can track the body’s amount of basophils, eosinophils, neutrophils, monocytes, and lymphocytes. If these levels are normal, then a patient’s immune system is probably functioning optimally. However, if the white blood cell count is abnormally higher than usual, then they could have an illness or medical condition. If there’s more basophils, the patient may be at risk of developing Hodgkin’s disease or leukemia. Excessive monocytes point towards leukemia as well. If they have more lymphocytes, they may have a viral infection. High levels of neutrophils suggest a lack of folic acid and vitamin B12. Neutrophil abundancies may lead to bone marrow depression.

When testing one’s red blood cell count, the doctor will also look at the platelets, indices, hemoglobin, and hematocrit levels. Those components are all parts of normal blood behavior, like bleeding and clotting. If the levels are too low, a patient may lack folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and iron. They may be likely to develop anemia. In some cases, a doctor may recommend further red blood cell tests like a mean corpuscular volume test, which tracks red blood cells and hematocrit. If a patient’s blood won’t clot, which this test can detect, they may be likely to develop leukemia or hemolytic anemia.

A complete blood count test tracks overall blood cell health and number. Some diseases that this and other blood tests can prevent include diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, and heart disease. However, a patient will never know if they don’t go. Tests may differ somewhat for men and women, although both panels will test homocysteine, estradiol, testosterone, and a complete blood count for an overall picture of their health.

Getting one’s blood tested typically doesn’t take too long. They just need to receive an injection from their doctor and then it’s sent off to a laboratory. The patient will receive their results in a few days to a few weeks. Those who want to learn more about a blood test in Las Vegas or schedule one can email, call, or send a fax.

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