Dealing with Chronic Pain Through Pain Management in Las Vegas

Whether from an injury, a medical malpractice, or any other incident, chronic pain can greatly detract from a person’s quality of life. They may have a difficult time getting out of bed, they may not be able to work anymore, they may have to avoid physical activities because they’re too painful, and sleeping at night may also be troublesome. Pain management in Las Vegas is one way to soothe chronic pain. The doctors here can teach the patient ways that they can manage the aches that take over their life.

Dietary changes can actually make a big impact. A nutritious, healthy diet helps the patient maintain a good weight, which can affect pain levels. It’s recommended to start eating more fruits and vegetables as well as switching to lean meats, low-fat dairy products, whole-grains, and cutting out sodium and sugar when possible. Massages can sometimes reduce aches in the neck and the back if a person’s bodily damage isn’t too severe. These also keep stress levels down, and since a chronic pain sufferer can’t always exercise much, having ways to release stress is good for overall health.

A doctor may recommend that a patient keep a pain diary, either in a physical journal or online through an app. In this diary, the patient should rank their pain (from one to 10) and write down any other symptoms they may have experienced that day. They can then bring this information back to their doctor during their next appointment. The doctor can tailor their treatment measures according to what hurts most.

Although it can be easy to turn to substances to deal with the pain, these often will only complicate chronic pain and make it even more unbearable. If a patient already smokes, they should do their best to quit. Not only are they at risk of developing cancer and heart disease, but their circulation is negatively affected by smoking. Alcohol can make it harder to fall asleep at night, so the patient should stop drinking if they haven’t quit already.

Both exercise and meditation can improve a patient’s overall quality of life since physical activity releases endorphins. However, exercising can be uncomfortable in some instances and downright painful in others, which is why a chronic pain sufferer should only do activities approved by their pain management doctor in Las Vegas. To learn more about a pain management program, call or email today.

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