Visiting a Las Vegas Ob/Gyn During Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is an exciting and life-affirming time. However, for first-time mothers, there’s also some anxiety associated with all that’s ahead. A woman will want to do anything she can to make sure that her baby is growing normally and healthfully. To track pregnancy and make sure that it’s proceeding as it should, a woman should start seeing her Las Vegas ob/gyn regularly.

These prenatal appointments will slowly reveal information about the baby. A woman will get to learn when she can expect to give birth. The doctor can also find the baby’s heartbeat and let the mother listen to it, which is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Once the baby grows to the point where it’s visible, an ultrasound gives the mother-to-be her first look at her baby.

These are thrilling moments, but a woman shouldn’t stop going to her ob/gyn just because she knows when her due date is and she’s seen an ultrasound image of the baby. It’s generally recommended to increase the rate of visits as a woman’s pregnancy progresses. For the first four to 28 weeks, a woman should book an appointment with her ob/gyn every month. Once she’s 28 to 36 weeks pregnant, she should be going on a two-week basis. Before giving birth, between 36 to 40 weeks of pregnancy, a future mother should be seeing her ob/gyn weekly.

During these appointments, the ob/gyn will ask about the mother’s eating habits. The doctor may recommend dietary changes to benefit both her and the baby. The mother may have to start taking supplements before and during the pregnancy to support her health. Besides diet, the doctor will also advise the mother on how much physical activity is appropriate and which exercises are best for a pregnant woman. As the time gets closer for the mother to give birth, her ob/gyn can offer tips and suggestions on what she will experience when she goes into labor and what to expect during delivery.

The guidelines for how often a pregnant woman should visit with her Las Vegas ob/gyn can vary depending on some factors. If a woman may have preterm labor, where she gives birth earlier than expected, she may need more regular medical attention. If a woman has been diagnosed with diabetes, gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, or preeclampsia while pregnant, she also needs more care. Women who have had anemia, lupus, asthma, high blood pressure, or diabetes before becoming pregnant should also schedule appointments more often.

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