Tips for Choosing an OB/GYN

Selecting a physician who specializes in obstetrics and gynecology (ob/gyn) is a highly important task for any female.  Physicians who specialize as an ob/gyn have two primary, crucially important functions, they monitor women during pregnancy and deliver babies and they perform yearly check ups to ensure that a woman’s reproductive system is working properly and that no disease, such as cancer, is present or developing.

Visiting an ob/gyn is something that a woman should do throughout her life, from the beginning of menstruation as a pre-teen or teen all the way through menopause and beyond.  Because of the functions these ob/gyn’s must fill and the intimate nature of annual gynecology exams or periodic checks during pregnancy, it is imperative that a woman feel as comfortable as possible with her physician.  Finding an ob/gyn in Las Vegas, or anywhere throughout the country can be overwhelming because there are normally a multitude of physicians and practices in every community.

Before scheduling an exam with a practitioner, there are some things that a woman can do to ensure she finds the best doctor/patient rapport possible.

Determine what is most important: The first thing a patient should do is determine what factors they feel are most important in an ob/gyn.  Some patients may prefer a physician who has been practicing medicine for years, while others might want to see a doctor who has just recently begun their practice.  Finding out what hospitals the physician has rights to see patients in is also a potentially vital piece of information.

Ask around: Very often the best way to find a new physician is by word of mouth, existing patients can provide recommendations or advise a person which doctors they may want to avoid seeing.

Schedule a consultation: Any reputable ob/gyn should be able and willing to schedule an in person consultation with potential new patients.  This allows the patient to meet the doctor fully clothed and in a relaxed environment where they can ask questions and determine if they are comfortable with the physician.

Ask if they have any patient testimonials or referrals: Many practices receive thank you notes and cards from patients, these can be an invaluable resource because they are an obvious example of how the physician interacts with other patients and how other patients feel about the physician.

Women should also feel empowered to switch ob/gyn’s for any reason they find necessary, using these tips each time should ensure an optimum patient/doctor experience.

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