How to Protect Baby’s Health from Day One

A baby’s early health exams, or wellness visits, provide a firm foundation for the rest of life. It’s important to start off right by establishing a solid relationship with a local pediatric physician. During the first two years of life, scheduled appointments at the pediatric clinic in Las Vegas should begin within 14 days after birth, then at 30, 60 and 120 days. Approximately six more appointments will be required before the age of 24 months.

Success Tips for an Infant’s First Pediatric Checkup

New parents should:

  • Schedule newborn physical checkups at a less-busy time of day for the medical practice or Las Vegas pediatric office.
  • Expect the visit to take about half an hour, but be prepared for more time.
  • Two adults should attend, so that one can care for baby (providing cuddling, warmth, etc.), while the other takes notes, asks questions and/or pays close attention to pediatrician comments and instructions.
  • Dress the infant simply or just use a comfortable blanket for quick undressing.
  • Bring a change of baby clothes, bottle, diapers, pacifier and wipes.
  • Bring the baby’s hospital records and paperwork, which should have the discharge weight and list of any pregnancy complications. Bring information about parent medical history, as well, to complete required paperwork.
  • Consider waiting in the car to avoid exposure to illness in the waiting area. Send the other adult inside to fill out paperwork. When in the waiting room, maintain a three-foot distance from others nearby. Face the wall to avoid well-meaning strangers wanting to see/touch the infant.
  • Don’t worry about vaccinations or needle anxiety at the first visit, although they may be done at about 2 months. The hepatitis B immunization may have been given at the hospital earlier and the doctor should be informed. The schedule of injections may vary depending upon the pediatrician and the baby’s health history.

Be ready to tell the pediatric specialist about the infant’s:

  • Feeding pattern: When and how much is eaten/ingested
  • Waste habits: Approximate frequency, consistency, color
  • Sleeping pattern: This will likely be most of the time, so early in life.

To get the most out of the visit, parents should bring a list of questions to the Las Vegas pediatric doctor, and be prepared to take notes. Parents should emerge satisfied that they are doing the best for baby’s health, from the very beginning.

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