Blood Tests: Essential Tools for Diagnostics and Monitoring

There are many diagnostic and monitoring tests that rely on blood work in Las Vegas. For this reason, it is fairly standard for patients to be asked for at least one vial during some of their doctor visits. Here are some of the things that labs can test for using the blood:


This is one of the most common diseases in America, so it’s a good idea to test for it every year or so in order to catch emerging cases. The full diagnostic test requires several hours of fasting, after which blood is drawn to determine the “fasting blood glucose level.” If this test indicates a high likelihood of diabetes, further tests, such as a glucose challenge test, will be given to confirm the diagnosis.

Kidney Function

Early kidney disease often shows no clear symptoms, but a blood test can catch it and allow treatment to begin before major damage occurs. Once disease is diagnosed, bloodwork is used to monitor it and determine how well various treatments are working.

Taking certain medications also causes kidney function tests to be needed. In these cases, the medication is known to cause problems in certain people’s kidneys. Regular monitoring is needed to determine if the patient needs to have his or her medication changed.

Liver Function

These tests provide the same basic benefits as kidney tests, only they are centered on the liver. Liver function tests are also prescribed for alcoholics thanks to the chance of cirrhosis and other such issues.

Nutrient Levels

Tests for nutrients are usually broken down on a per-nutrient basis. They can help doctors pinpoint malabsorption problems, dietary issues, and negative effects of certain medications. Since good maternal nutrition is important for the healthy development of the unborn, pregnant women are routinely tested. If any nutrition problems are found, supplements or dietary counseling are usually prescribed to fix them. When the problem arises from the use of a medicine, an alternate treatment will be sought.

These are just a few of the hundreds of blood tests that diagnosticians have at their disposal. Many such tests are condition-specific and won’t be encountered unless the patient already has the condition. Others are general wellness tests that are more useful for diagnostics. Fortunately, it only takes one successful needle stick to draw as much blood is as necessary. This makes bloodwork one of the easiest types of tests for patients.

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