Multifaceted Levels of Pain Management Shown to be Effective in the Long Term

Patients who suffer from chronic pain and visit a clinic for pain management and/or therapy are searching for a way to ease their daily suffering. However many don’t realize that pain management goes beyond the scheduled visit and taking the prescription. Pain management that addresses multiple aspects is found to be more effective in both the long and short term according to research done by the American Pain Foundation when it was still operating.

More Patient Control is Both Psychologically and Physically Rewarding

The one thing that most people who suffer from chronic pain agree on is that they feel like they are out of control of many aspects of their own body and life. After all, the pain can come on unexpectedly often without an obvious cause and disrupt plans. When a patient comes in for quality care at a clinic the treatments are often effective, but when they walk away the patient is left with little more than pain pills to help them manage until the next appointment. Knowledge and even equipment to assist a chronic pain sufferer between visits can put a sense on control back into their life.

 At Home Treatment Options are as Veritable as Types of Pain

  • Traction Traction equipment is often a go-to for clinics to help set injuries and ease chronic pain. This equipment is available for the home and when used properly can ease many types of recurring pain including back and neck pain.
  • Yoga Meditation and yoga techniques are great for calming the mind, even through a flare up. Yoga has been indicated to reduce flare ups as well through gentle strength training. It may feel awkward at first, but those who learn the methods effectively see positive results.
  • Hot/Cold Therapy Athletes instantly soak their injuries in hot and cold water, this technique can work well for chronic pain as well. From hot tubs, to simple compresses this treatment can be instant and effective and can be used every day.

There are other more complex methods as well to allow a persistent patient to find at home relief outside of pain pills.

For those looking for pain management in Las Vegas,  mental tools and physical devices to fight against the pain even without the assistance of professionals can help reduce some of the anxiety that arises over fear of the next flare up. Chronic pain flare ups can contribute to depression and learning to cope with the pain independently can reduce pain associated depression.


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