4 Awesome Benefits of Donating Blood

Although a bite from a radioactive spider may not make someone into a super hero, a tiny prick from a needle can save lives. It’s simple, anytime someone donates blood, they transform into a real life-saving hero. In addition to giving the gift of life, donating blood also offers several benefits to the individual donating the blood. Continue reading to learn more about the amazing benefits of donating blood.

Free Health Check Up 

Anytime someone donates blood they will automatically receive a free health checkup. Every blood donation must undergo strenuous tests to ensure the blood is healthy. As a safety precaution before every blood donation, several health checks are performed on the donor to ensure they are healthy. One of the checkups they perform are tests for blood pressure abnormalities, which may detect an indolent disease at the early stage. After the blood has been donated, the blood products and blood are tested for several different infections. If any abnormality is detected in those tests, the individual can choose to be informed. Simply put, regular blood donations are an excellent and cost effective way to have blood work in Las Vegas.

Saves Lives 

Since there are no perfect substitutes for human blood, donating blood literally saves lives. Once someone donates blood, it’s then divided into several components based on the individual needs of the patient. Each part of the blood can be utilized by different patients for different reasons. Most newborn babies benefit from a single done because their blood requirements are significantly less. In any case, each blood donation can be used for up to four patients. Simply put, donating blood is the best way to save lives.

Reduce Cancer Risk

There’s a strong connection between cancer and high levels of iron. Anytime someone donates blood, the amount of iron in their body is reduced, which would theoretically reduce the likelihood of cancer in regular donors.

Get Rid of Calories

In addition to saving lives, donating blood can help the donor lose weight. Every blood donation can help a patient lose up to 650 calories.  However, donating blood isn’t and shouldn’t be used as a way to lose weight. To be safe, blood should only be donated once every three months. The amount of blood the individual can donate will vary based on their iron levels, their health status, and their hemoglobin levels.

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