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<title>FAQ 3 Page 3 - The Sleep Center of Nevada. State of the Art Sleep Test Center. A full diagnostic facility.</title>
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                  <div align="center"><span class="title">Frequently Asked Question No. 3 .. Page 3</span></div><br>

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<strong>What Should I Expect During the Sleep Study? (cont.)</strong></div>

<strong>CPAP/ BIPAP Titration Studies</strong>

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>CPAP</strong> stands for continuous positive airway pressure.  It is a non-surgical way to treat OSA.  When you come to the sleep center you will be fitted with a relatively small and comfortable mask that goes over your nose or mouth depends on your preference. This mask is hooked up to a CPAP unit, which delivers clean purified air throughout the nose into the back of the airway.  With a pressure which will keep your airway open during sleep.  Initially the CPAP machine delivers low pressure that allows you to breathe easily in and out.  When you are asleep the pressure is adjusted to keep the back of your airway open.  The CPAP will allow you to achieve restful and deep sleep. You will not only get a good night sleep on CPAP therapy, but also prevent long term damage to your heart and body.


&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>A</strong> Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT) involves taking a series of naps throughout the day.  If you spent the night prior to the MSLT in the lab for an overnight study, you will simply remain connected to some of the electrodes.

&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>D</strong>uring each nap opportunity, you are allowed a certain amount of time to fall asleep, then a certain amount of time to sleep.  During the 1 1/2 - 2 hours between naps, you are not allowed to sleep at all.  Your technician will monitor you to make sure you are not sleeping during that time.  You can use this time to read, watch television, etc.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>Y</strong>ou are not allowed to smoke 30 minutes immediately prior to each nap.  Also, you are not allowed to consume chocolate or caffeine during the day of your study.

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