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<title>Behavioral Sleep Medicine - The Sleep Center of Nevada. State of the Art Sleep Test Center. A full diagnostic facility.</title>
<meta name="Description" content="(702) 818-2444 The Sleep Center of Nevada will help you get the quality sleep you need. Under the direction of Dr. Robert Reyna, we treat all sleep disorders including Sleep Apnea, Restless Leg Syndrome, Narcolepsy and Insomnia using a variety of sleep tests.">
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&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>O</strong>ur Behavior Sleep Medicine program responds directly to the significant need for treatment and patient preferences. Specific behavioral and cognitive techniques are successfully applied to sleep problems like insomnia, habituation to treatment for OSA (<a href="cpap.htm">CPAP</a>), nightmare management and problematic sleep-related eating behaviors. The most developed and widely used BSM approach at <strong>The Sleep Center of Nevada</strong> and within the field of behavioral sleep medicine is a collection of techniques used to treat insomnia, known as <a href="cognitive.htm">Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT-I)</a>, for insomnia.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>C</strong>omprehensive insomnia assessment and treatment is offered at The Sleep Center of Nevada. There are several types of insomnia including conditioned insomnia, idiopathic insomnia, inadequate sleep hygiene and sleep/wake schedule disorders. Assessment can involve an in-depth interview, careful behavior analysis, sleep diary completion and actigraphy monitoring. Polysomnography (a sleep study in the laboratory) is rarely done for symptoms of insomnia only.
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>I</strong>nsomnia is often produced or maintained by conditioned factors and poor sleep hygiene. Change in behaviors related to sleep and attitudes and thinking about sleep can help to resolve insomnia. Behavioral therapy can be used instead of, or in combination with, short-term use of low-dose hypnotic medication. Behavioral therapy techniques have been found to be as effective as benzodiazepine hypnotic medications in treatment of insomnia. Long-term and regular use of hypnotics is not recommended, especially for older patients. Behavioral therapy has been found to produce improvements that are longer lasting than those of hypnotic medications. Insomniacs can learn skills that can be used repeatedly to manage their own insomnia at home and allow them to develop a greater sense of control over their sleep problem.
<li><a href="hygiene.htm">Sleep Hygiene</a></li>
<li><a href="therapy.htm">Behavioral Therapy Treatment Techniques for Insomnia and Other Sleep Problems</a></li>
<li><a href="cognitive.htm">Cognitive Techniques</a></li>


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