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<title>Eldorado Medical Center</title> 
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 <meta name="Description" content="The Eldorado Medical Center, founded by Rachakonda D. Prabhu, M.D., was originally established as a small group specializing in pulmonology (lungs), known as "The Lung Institute". It gradually grew to include multiple specialties. Today, Dr. Prabhu has become a leading health care specialist in United States assisting establishment of National Guidelines for management of asthma.">


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<br><br> <!-- COPY AND PASTE CODE BELOW TO MAKE A NEW PARAGRAPH --> <span class="title"> 
Careers<br> </span> <br> <img src="picts/careers-main.jpg" alt="Red Rock Medical Group - Nevada"> <br><br> <!-- COPY AND PASTE CODE BELOW TO MAKE A NEW PARAGRAPH --> 
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<p>Eldorado Medical Center is seeking certified / board-eligible Internal Medicine, 
Pediatric and other sub-specialty physicians to join a multi-specialty 
group. Will work in outpaitent clinic and will also do patient hospital admissions 
and rounds. <p>We have outstanding opportunities for BC/BE nephrologists. Our 
package includes high salary and comprehensive benefits package, including early 
partnership track.
<li><a href="services-eldorado.htm">Eldorado Medical Center</a>, North Las 
Vegas, NV (<a href="http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?formtype=address&country=US&popflag=0&latitude=&longitude=&name=&phone=&level=&addtohistory=&cat=&address=1905+civic+center+dr&city=north+las+vegas&state=nv&zipcode=89030" target="_blank"><font size="+1">map</font></a>) 
</ul><p>For a detailed list of available positions at Eldorado Medical Center, please<br> 
<a href="jobs/documents/employment_listings.pdf" target="blank">click 
here</a> (Adobe PDF). <p>For details regarding our salary and benefits package, 
please call or email: <p> <ul> <li><a href="contact.htm">Kathy Hernandez</a> 
(kathy@redrockmedical.com) or <li><a href="mailto:johnhickok@redrockmedical.com">John 
Hickok</a> (johnhickok@redrockmedical.com) </ul><ul> <li>Phone: (702) 877-9514 
</ul><p>Please submit CV:<br><br> Red Rock Medical Group<br> 5701 W. Charleston 
Blvd, Ste 100<br> Las Vegas, NV 89146 <!-- 
<p> Below is our current list of vacancies. If you need additional information, please 
<a href="contact.html">contact us for more info.</a><br><br> <IMG SRC="picts/paragraph-line.jpg" HEIGHT="2" WIDTH="100%" border="0" vspace="7" alt="Red Rock Medical Group - Nevada"><br> 
<br><h3>Positions Available</h3><br> --> <!-- COPY AND PASTE CODE ABOVE HERE TO MAKE A NEW PARAGRAPH --> 
<LI> <span class="subtitle">Chief Financial Officer</span></UL><br>
Must have accounting degree, experience in supervising and financial analysis.
Minimum two years accounting experience. --> <p> Please fax resume to: (702) 212-3569 
<ul> <li><a href="contact.htm">Kathy Hernandez</a>  or <li><a href="mailto:johnhickok@redrockmedical.com">John 

<div align="center"><small><strong>Eldorado Medical Center</strong><br> 1905 Civic Center Drive<br> North Las Vegas, Nevada 89146<br> (702) 649-3736</small></div>

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